Squash is one of the most important parts of the RhodySquash program. The sport facilitates camaraderie, athleticism, commitment, and fitness. Squash is an incredibly challenging game that is both physically and mentally demanding. The sport is described as chess at 100 mph, requiring athletic skill and deft tactics.


Each child will receive both individual and group coaching. Initially, emphasis will be placed on learning the fundamentals of the game, including the importance of a proper swing and correct footwork. During the course of the week, participants will practice with drills, ghosting, and match play.

Learning squash extends beyond the courts. The discipline learned on the courts crosses over to life-skills that are useful in home and at school.

On the weekends, RhodySquashers will periodically attend USSRA tournaments, and once our NUSEA member status is finalized, we will attend Urban Nationals!