Why Urban Squash?

All of us working with RhodySquash have seen first-hand the positive benefits of sports mentorship. All urban squash programs across the country have had success with:

  • raising student GPA
  • improving standardized testing performance
  • developing a lifelong passion for squash
  • teaching the importance of good exercise habits and nutrition
  • emphasizing the importance of working on a team
  • building an awareness of the importance of community service
  • Squash, described as chess at 100 mph, is a sport that requires athleticism, fitness, and tactics. It instills the importance of hard work, dedication, focus, and commitment. In conjunction with the other planks of the NUSEA program, RhodySquash will provide life-changing opportunities to disadvantaged young people in the Newport community.

    why squash
    why squash

    NUSEA programs have a track record of excellence and are a proven success. The first branch, SquashBusters, currently has a 100% high school graduation rate, compared to the city-wide 56% graduation rate in Boston. Similarly, 84% of SquashBusters team members enroll in college, compared to the 36% matriculation rate for the city. RhodySquash aims for similar results on our commitment!