RhodySquash is a non-profit organization that provides at-risk youth with academic tutoring, squash instruction, community service, and mentoring. Our goal is to create a supportive and nurturing environment that allows all students to achieve their full potential.

Our mission is Corpus, Mens, Spiritus (Body, Mind, Spirit)

RhodySquash provides an opportunity for the underprivileged youth of our community to achieve their personal best through the integration of athletics, community service and scholarship offered with a mentorship anchored by the sport of squash and the objective of self-actualization.

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RhodySquash Travels To New Haven Meet With SquashHaven

SquashHaven, our sister team in New Haven Connecticut, hosted RhodySquash on Saturday, 3/7/15 at the beautiful and impressive Brady Squash Center at Yale University, which serves as their home base.

RS SquashHaven Handshake  3:7:15

Teams are introduced by the traditional introductory handshake before every competition.

Each RhodySquash player competed in two games against their SquashHaven opponent. First year players Parker Brown, KatySerth and Marianna May bested their matches 3-0. Collin Cord worked hard to win a nail-biting 3-2 against his opponent, but fell short in his second game. Jonathan Tejada was player of the day, winning his match 3-0 with ease, by playing one of his best matches to date. Abi Mosher, Lily Furtado, Angie McCartney and Kayleigh Mosher won decidedly in 3 to 4 games. Sean Petrie, paired with two top SquashHaven players, was outmatched in both of his games. Frankie Underwood played her 3 matches on the day, victorious in 2 and succumbing to 1, in which exhaustion played a key.

RS@Yale 2:7:15

Team RhodySquash in the beautiful exhibition court at the Brady Squash Center.

Overall, RhodySquash 20, SquashHaven 4. All of the SquashHaven and RhodySquash players demonstrated admirable sportsmanship.

Thank you to our SquashHaven hosts… we hope to see you soon.


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RhodySquash Vacation Week Squash Clinic At Newport Community Squash


RhodySquash was officially closed for the school vacation week that began on President’s Day, February 16, 2015. Coach John Wilson of Newport Community Squash invited our students to a day long clinic on February 19th.





Executive Director and Coach Ann Guinan, whose kids were also on school break, brought them along to help with healthy-snack set-up, score-keeping, and team support.


The snow and freezing cold can’t keep us away from the courts. We had a great time and are getting ready to get back to our afterschool program when school starts next week.

Thanks Coach John!


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St. George’s School ♥♥♥ RhodySquash

XThe St. George’s School supports RhodySquash with space at the Hoopes Squash Center and further supports our program with academic, athletic and administrative volunteers. We were completely touched to learn that the St. George’s Community Service Team nominated RhodySquash to be this year’s recipient of their Valentine’s Day CandyGram Fundraiser.

Margaret Connors, Director of Community Service, worked tirelessly to coordinate the fundraiser with her enthusiastic team of candy wrappers. Delicious Dove chocolates were sold in bags of three and ten, just in time to share the treats with loved ones on Valentine’s Day. X-1X-2

Candy sales raised well over $1200. Thank you to everyone at St. George’s for showing RhodySquash all the love !

Happy Valentine’s Day ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥  everyone !

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Save The Date: Newport Steamer Tournament

a602755cf7c1e53b7523417662f25f63_dp5tThe Newport Steamer is a world class squash tournament that attracts players from around the world. Based on great demand for participation, this summer the Steamer is offering tournament play during two weekends.

On July 10 -12, 2015, the Newport Junior Silver and Adult Open Tournament will be hosted as St. George’s School in the Hoopes Squash Center.

The following weekend, July 17-19, 2015, the Newport Junior Gold Tournament will be  hosted at St. George’s and the Portsmouth Abbey School.

RhodySquashers participate in the Steamer every summer, and this one promises as much excitement as we’ve had in previous years. A portion of the proceeds from the tournament support our organization. We hope you’ll join us whether it’s to play squash, or to see some great squash played!

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United Way of Rhode Island Notifies RhodySquash of deRamel Foundation Grant

United Way Logo  copyThe United Way of Rhode Island just notified RhodySquash that the deRamel Foundation has supported our organization with a generous grant. The mission of RhodySquash aligns closely with that of the United Way, by improving education and educational opportunities, and promoting healthy living.

Thank you to the de Ramel Foundation for continuing to improve the lives of children of Newport County children.

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RhodySquash v. SquashBusters Tournament At St. George’s

DSC_0046_2Two squads of SquashBusters, one from Boston and the other from Lawrence, Massachusetts joined RhodySquash for a tournament today at St. George’s School. We had healthy snack goody bags ready for their arrival after their long trip to Newport. Typical of tournament etiquette, introductions were made in one of the courts, with each player called out by name, and sent around the group for a welcome ‘high five.’ Teams A, B, C, and D were matched by age. Each match had two referees, one each from RhodySquash and SquashBusters. At the end, we made a ‘goodbye circle’ and passed around the great energy that comes from good sportsmanship and good times. Thanks for a great tournament, SquashBusters… hope to see you soon!


Thank you RhodySquash parents for preparing goody bags.


SquashBusters team shirts say “College, Character, Health.”


Team introductions.


High five !




Coach Bill DiMarco was on hand to offer advice between matches.





Thanks to our referees.



The ‘goodbye circle.’

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Boys and Girls Club Of Newport County Donates Annual Memberships For RhodySquash

1275232_526081117460657_1259376607_oThe Boys and Girls Club of Newport County has supported Aquidneck Island’s young people for many years, with athletic, cultural and academic opportunities. Since RhodySquash’s inception, they have generously assisted us with a reduced fee for transportation from Thompson School to our after school program, and to and from our squash tournaments, community service projects and cultural events.

Pool - Swim Lessons -459x630The Boys and Girls Club has just announced they are donating an annual membership for each and every RhodySquash student, allowing entry to their state-of-the-art facilities and programming. It’s a great opportunity for our participants to supplement their fitness on the basketball court, in the pool, or in the gym, and their academics in the computer lab, or just have some good old fun with arts and crafts, hip hop dancing and host of other enriching opportunities.

Thank you so much to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Newport County for your ongoing partnership and generous support of RhodySquash !

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Community Service Project: RhodySquash Partners With Universal Promise


Making upcycled mittens to benefit students in South Africa is RhodySquash’s most recent community service project

Martha Cummings, founder of Universal Promise, is on a mission to better the educational opportunities available in impoverished regions of South Africa, including opportunities for the children who attend the Vusumzi Primary School.

up 2

Martha Cummings speaks to RhodySquashers about her work in South Africa

RhodySquash has partnered with Universal Promise for a new community service project that not only helps the kids at Vusumzi, it’s a recycling project that’s great for the environment as well.

photo 3

Making a paper pattern is step one for this project

RhodySquashers have been upcycling old wool sweaters into mittens for the students at Vusumzi. Martha will bring the mittens with her to South Africa when she visits in March, 2015.

Community Service 2-1 copy

The finished product: these mittens are headed for students in South Africa. Great work, RhodySquash!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                             If you would like to donate sweaters to RhodySquash for upcycling, please contact Executive Director Ann Guinan at: ann@RhodySquash.org.

universal promise image

Visuzmi student

To learn more about Universal Promise, please visit www.UniversalPromise.org.

We’ll keep you posted on the progress of our project!

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RhodySquash vs. St. Michael’s @ St. George’s

Congratulations RhodySquashers for great sportsmanship today!










Proud of you – Coach Guinan and Coach Keefe !

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Talbott Squash Academy (TSA) Sponsoring Two RhodySquashers This Summer

Repeating the generosity he has shown in previous years, Mark Talbott, Head Squash Coach at Stanford University, and founder of the Talbott Squash Academy, has donated spots for two RhodySquash students at his July 19 – 25th camp this summer.

Talbott Squash Academy Logo

Campers are coached in a one:four coach to student ratio which includes squash instruction, drills and match play. Off-court training includes exercise and stretching, and there’s leisure time built in at the beach and enjoying other local activities.


Mark Talbott (on right) competing on the Pro circuit

This is an incredible opportunity for RhodySquashers to be trained by Talbott, a Squash Hall of Fame inductee who was the #1 ranked squash professional in North America for twelve years.


Previous RhodySquashers have loved the TSA experience!

Thank you, Coach Talbott!

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